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What is a DC solenoid

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It is an electric part that emits an electromagnetic field through a copper wire to pull in a magnetic, movable iron core.

When current flows through the wire, the iron core is attracted toward the fixed iron core inside the wire, constantly drawn to the space within the electric current. When the electric current is cut off, the attraction ceases. (Depending on the model, there may be some residual magnetism.)

There are many varieties, such as regular pull solenoids that work this way, push solenoids equipped with push bars that use attraction to apply pressure and self-maintaining solenoids that use embedded permanent magnets to maintain various states.


This is a solenoid's driving part. When a magnetic field is emitted, it is drawn toward the fixed iron core.

2. Frame

Made up mainly of a magnetic substance, this is manufactured with holes (taps) on most solenoids.

3. Wire

This is the main part of the solenoid that emits a magnetic field when electric current flows through it. Together, the bobbin, wire, lead and exterior tape are called the coil. Some coils have temperature fuses or diodes on the inside.

4. Fixed iron core

When a magnetic field is emitted from the coil, it attracts the moveable iron core along the magnetic flux. The shape of the moveable and fixed iron cores and the attraction characteristics are intimately related.

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