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The application of solenoids in agriculture

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  The application of solenoids in agriculture

  Before, Jinlu introduce the application of electromagnets to everyone in different fields, let us understand the powerful solenoids, in fact, in addition to the previously introduced in the industry, manufacturing and other industries, Solenoids are also widely used in agriculture .

  The application of electromagnets in agriculture is more interesting: it can help farmers to get rid of the weed seeds in the crop seeds in agriculture. Weeds have fluff on the seeds that can stick to the hairs of the animals that follow, so they can spread far away from the parent plant. Weed this kind of survival in the struggle for millions of years to get the characteristics, but was used by agricultural technology to get rid of its seeds. The agricultural technician uses magnets to pick the rough seeds of the weeds from the seeds of the crop. If some of the seeds are sprinkled with the seeds of the weed seeds, the filaments will stick tightly to the weeds and not stick to the smooth crop. And then take a strong enough force to the role of the electromagnet, so the seeds will be mixed with the automatic separation, divided into two parts of crop seeds and weeds, the solenoids pulled out all the seeds that were stuck in the mixture.

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