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Jinlu took parts in Boshang with our solenoid

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On March 1, 2013, our chairman Long Jinlu was invited to attend the third anniversary opening ceremony of Tsinghua Entrepreneurs Boshang society.

During the meeting, the chairman Long Jinlu communicated with other entrepreneurs friendly.  He made a point that if Jinlu Electronic technology co., LTD. wants to develop, it must have foresight, and attach great importance to the construction of brand. Computerized flat knitting machine solenoid, needle selection device products has been Jinlu’s core brand. Our main products solenoids have developed to multi-function features, and we will keep our steps at the front of the age.

Chairman Long Jinlu summarized the party: "This is not only a stage for Boshang entrepreneurs, is also a grand gathering for all staff in Jinlu Electronic Technology Co., LTD. This is a communication development platform, I carry with me the brand concept of Jinlu computerized flat knitting machine solenoid, we shows a vigorous and energetic company also shows Jinlu’s innovation and foresight."

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