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How to Use and Maintain Solenoid?

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 We Jinlu electronic technology CO. Ltd has introduced and exlplained the theoretical knowledge and working principle about solenoid in the previous articles. Today, please allow me to teach you how to use the solenoid correctly. 

The reason why we want to explain the usage of solenoid chuck is that we often hear that customers say how do we use a solenoid chuck correctly or what methods we should use a solenoid chuck to make it work best. Jinlu, as a professional manufacturer, is glad to summarize several points for above problems. 
1,No matter what types or brands of machine you are going to use, you should clean the surface of an article or workpiece that will be hoisted. If there is rust scale or burr on them, you must clean them in case of affecting normal use of machine. Besides, the centerline of solenoid chuck should connect to the gravity center of an article. Only in this way, can solenoid chuck and article be protected well. Then we should put chuck on surface of article that we will hoist. When hoisting, we need turn rotation handle of machine from - to + for a limits pin. What is more, we also remember to check if the rotation handle connects to article well. If there is no problem, we can start to hoist. 
2,Before hoisting a cylindroid article , you must guarantee two line touch between B groove and article. If not, the article will drop due to insufficient gravity which is only 20%-60% of extra gravity. 
3,The artcle that will be hoisted must not overload. If not, these articles will be damaged. In case of accidents, people are forbidden from passing under the article. 
Next , please allow me to introduce solenoid maintenance. It is well known that with the development of society, solenoid is used more and more widely and is becoming more and more popular with people. At present, numerous industrial equipment adopts solenoid. So here come a question, how can we maintain it well? 
1,In daily work, we should often check if there is dust or dirt on the surface of solenoid. If it is, we should clean them and had better do a full cleaning. 
2,We often remember to check if overuse causes overheating of solenoid, and if the screw looses. If we find those problems, we must deal with it. 
3,We should maintain everything, especially those with a heavy load. So we should lubricate movable parts of solenoid in case of abrasion. 
4, If we use grounded solenoid, we must often check if the solenoid is solid. If it loose, we repair it immediately. 
5, Anything that has been used for a long time will be abrasive. So it is necessary for us to check movable parts of a solenoid are abrasive. If it is a little abrasive, we should lubricate it frequently; if it is abrasive terribly, we should change a new one in case of accidents.
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