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History of Electromagnet

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Do you know when the electromagnet originated? And when did the electromagnet begin to apply into life and work? In this article, I will tell you the history of electromagnet.
In 1822, French physicist Arago and Gay-Lussac found that when the current went through the coil iron, it can make the iron magnetized. This was actually the original discovery of the electromagnet principle. In 1823, Sturgeon also did a similar experiment: He used a U-shaped iron bar magnet stick around for 18 laps on the bare copper. When copper switched on voltaic cell, the copper coils produced a dense magnetic field, thus made U-shaped iron bar into a “magnet." This magnetic energy is much larger than the permanent magnet. It can pick up more than 20 times its weight of iron, and when the power is cut off, U-shaped iron rods could not suck anymore and become an ordinary iron bar.
The electromagnet was applied into large machinery production as early as 1829. It is true that People are really smart and everything in the world is also really wonderful. I hope this article will give you some understanding on the electromagnet.

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