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GuangDong JinLu Technology Co.,Ltd (stock code:871940)

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 GuangDong JinLu Technology Co.,Ltd (stock code:871940) —— National high-tech enterprises,from the founder registered as Dongguan Dongkeng Jinlong Hardware electronics factory, company was established in 2010, which is committed to research and development products ,production and sales of solenoids ,solenoids value and computerized flat knitting machine cam carriage assembly. Products are widely used in aerospace, automotive, textile, medical, home appliances, intelligent automation, office equipment and other industries, has been well praised by customers at home and abroad.


The company has an excellent engineering and management team, applying the latest imported equipment and technology , according to the ever-changing market , the company has been developing new products to meet different customer needs.JinLu Technology has been spade husbandry for 15years,and obtained more than 20 national invention patents. New structure computer flat knitting cam carriage assembly and Solenoids are identified as high-tech products in Guangdong province; the new structure computer flat knitting machine cam carriage assembly is identified by the technical results of China National Textile And Apparel Council. Company has passed ISO14001 and ISO/TS16949 certifications etc.


JinLu has been adhere to the “honest trustworthy,striving for excellence “service concept ,hand in hand with you  ,win-win future!

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